SUCCESS! New Official LEED Checklists Unlocked, Added Improvements

Though the primary goal of RealLifeLEED is to better inform project managers and others involved in LEED documentation, every once in awhile I put up a rant about some topic that's bothering me in the hopes of bringing attention to something that needs to be fixed. Fortunately, it looks like the USGBC is listening, as yesterday I received a comment from Courtney Yan at USGBC explaining that:

"In response to feedback we've received from you and others, we recently updated the checklists available at Revisions include the addition of d/c designations, adding a notes section and unlocking the detailed version."

The New Look Of LEED (Checklists)

While I may be appear harsh towards the USGBC/GBCI at times, I do recognize that we all share the same goal of improving the quality and reducing the environmental footprint of our built environment, and they deserve recognition for identifying a problem and working to fix it. I'll leave my previous post featuring links to checklists I created up, but I would encourage you to check out the new UNLOCKED excel checklists provided by the USGBC as well, since they've refined them even further than my editions:

Are there other improvements you think still need to be added? Suggest them here by leaving a comment!

Special Recognition

In my last post I forgot to congratulate the winner of the mini-contest where I asked readers to identify why the hell I featured two people sipping big gulps in a post about daylighting. My new best friend and suspected hipster (single speed... check! v-neck... check! manpurse... check!) The Beastmaster, authors two blogs (one for him and one for his family) and correctly guessed that the picture featured Matt and Kim, a band best known for their single, Daylight! Congrats!


Unknown said...

Joel -
one change more useful to me than the notes column is linking the sheets - i had already unlocked the scorecards and linked them so that when filling in the 'detailed' spreadsheet the 'one page' and my added 'tracking' spreadsheets took all the same information including project name, date, points attempted, etc - this way i do not have to worry about coordinating them, they automatically coordinate - also, rather than the notes box i created the tracking spreadsheet as a third tab into which i added the credit intent, submittal requirements, actions required, and credit resposibility - i had seen a similar tracking spreadsheet for 2.2 and made an updated one for 3.0 - i had also added d/c indication by credit -

Laura said...

It's great to see that people are listening, especially on an important and controversial issue like LEED. Hopefully, with more feedback, we can have continuous improvement. Good work!

kmase80 said...

LEED Green Building D&C Reference Guide includes a Prerequisite 2, Environmental Site Assessment.
LEED 2009 NC Checklist downloadable from the USGBC website does not include Prerequisite 2, Environmental Site Assessment. What am I missing?

Joel McKellar said...


The BD+C reference guide also contains info on credits for the LEED-CS and LEED-Schools rating systems since there's so much overlap between the three systems. That particular prereq is for LEED-Schools only.

Michelle said...

I can fix this myself with the checklists now that they are unlocked - but what's up with switching the order of the Yes, No, and Maybe columns? I would like to see the order returned to Yes, Maybe, No - from the current Yes, No, Maybe - like it was on all the previous LEED checklists prior to v2009.

Unknown said...


Can you get them to unlock the first worksheet? I would like to compare various certification scenarios at a high level. Nice job in fixing a real annoyance.