FREE Unlocked LEED 2009 Checklists That Don't Suck!

UPDATE (07.15.10): The USGBC has now updated the official checklists incorporating pretty much all of the features called for in the post and from your comments! Check out this post for direct links to each of the checklists that are now unlocked, feature a notes section, and highlight whether the credit is part of the design or construction review.

You may have heard me rant about the credit checklists the USGBC has released, and I've finally gotten around to doing something about it. Below you'll find links to Excel checklists for each of the five v2009 (aka v3) rating systems (...if you think I'm going to try to revamp the LEED-Homes checklist you're insane). Each prints to a single page, has an area for notes, and is COMPLETELY UNLOCKED, so if you don't like something you can edit it on your own. I use the notes all the time to keep track of consultant comments and changes... it's the best way I'm aware of for tracking changes in LEED points over time, just put a date in front of the filename and you have a snapshot in time!

NOTE: All five checklists were setup to use the whole page, and you may need to adjust the margins for them to print properly. All five use 0.0" for header and footer, .35" for top and bottom margins, and .25" for left and right margins. Admittedly, those with poor eyesight probably aren't going to like how they print, as the text gets pretty small. I would simply recommend changing it from a one page print to a two page print and adjusting the notes width to get it back to normal proportions.

New USGBC Official Checklists

In the USGBC's defense, they have released (without telling anyone that I can see) new and genuinely improved Excel checklists that feature two tabs: a one-page simplified printing option and a more detailed view similar to past editions. Unfortunately, they're still hung up on forbidding editing of any kind and for some reason have bathed the checklists in a disgusting yellow color. Some may find these new checklists preferable for their purposes though, so I've linked to those directly below for your convenience:

Do you have a pressing need for similar unprotected checklists for older LEED systems (e.g. v2)? Do my checklists stink? Let me know how to make them better by leaving a comment!


earthapril said...

We'd love to have the designation of whether it's a design or construction credit added to yours/USGBC's checklists! Just a c or d column would be great!


joelmckellar said...

Good idea... I'll look at ways to set it up soon, and will re-load if it works well. It seems easy enough to add in front of the credit titles without adding any columns or anything.

All others, please let me know your suggestions... If you post something I end up using, I'll be sure to edit the post and provide a credit/link to your website if desired!

green me said...

I enjoyed your post and very informative. come on my blog I hope you Find information effectively. thanks

Christine said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Those locked excel checklists are completely contrary to the point of having the checklists in excel. I always add notes, and I've been known to expand each credit to list all documentation required for tracking purposes.

Unknown said...

I usually expand the question mark column to three columns; a "likely," "maybe," and "unlikely," in addition to the "yes" and "no." It helps us tell at a glance how much effort might be required to jump a project to the next level; it separates those credits that might be achieved with reasonable effort from the true longshots.

Unknown said...

Second vote on the Design versus Construction column. I prefer a coulmn to a notation because it allows you to sort by responsibility.

I also note the exemplary performance thresholds in the detail listing for credits that count toward Innovation points. This lets me see at a glance where I can easily pick up a few points.

Courtney Yan said...

Joel, great post.

In response to feedback we've received from you and others, we recently updated the checklists available at Revisions include the addition of d/c designations, adding a notes section and unlocking the detailed version.

Let us know if there are other suggestions.

Joel McKellar said...

GREAT! I'll amend the existing posts and probably create a new one pointing to the new checklists. Thanks!

Mark said...

Joel, we implemented an online version of your spreadsheets (that don't suck!).

Spreadsheets are cool but there is so much more we can do once that data is digital (such as true collaboration and integrating LEED Online's scorecard with the checklist).

Check it out here:

GreenWizard LEED Credit Checklist

Unknown said...

Thank you for the great work! However, USGBC's checklists are locked again and the links to your checklists don't work. Can you update your links? Thanks!

Hammad said...

I would suggest that everyone look at loraxpro. They have collaborated together with GreenWizard to make a kickass product.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for these unlocked checklists which have saved me a lot mindless typing!