Job o' the Vague Time Period: USGBC Regional Advocacy Consultant

The US Green Building Council is seeking four (4) regional advocacy consultants to assist in coordinating and maximizing the advocacy work of our 78 chapters across the country. The regional advocacy consultants will work at the state, county and local government level to coordinate and assist our chapters in developing and implementing public policy strategies that advance green building practices and market transformation to a sustainable built environment. The four consultants will be selected on expertise, experience, geographic location, and overall ability to achieve the objectives articulated below. Scope of services required includes:

  • Continuing to establish USGBC as the leading authority and primary point of contact on green building; 
  • Enhancing and improving the coordination and organization of USGBC chapter activity within a specified region in their efforts to monitor and influence legislative, regulatory and policy initiatives;
  • Expanding opportunities for chapters to build and strengthen relationships with state and local policymakers including elected officials and key government officials;
  • Acting as a liaison to the national office and local chapters to promote chapter communication and increased collaboration;
  • Initiating briefings for elected officials, other policymaking officials and community leaders on an as-needed basis;
  • Attending and reporting on state and local policy activity representing the USGBC;
  • Providing outreach to the state and local community, stakeholders and USGBC members about Council initiatives and activities.
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