Full Set of LEED-EB Documentation Online!!!

Thank God for the good people over at University of California, as they have made an ENTIRE set of LEED-EB documentation available in pdf format for FREE online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<--not enough exclamation points)  The project is their 1111 Franklin Street building, pictured below:

1111 Franklin Street

The Best Building (Documentation) Ever!

The downside is that this was not for the latest version of LEED-EB O&M but rather LEED-EB v 2.0. Not a huge deal though, especially for those working on your first projects. RealLifeLEED was hoping to be the first to post a full set of documentation online, but will have to settle for posting the BEST set at a later date.

Super-special thanks to Ashley Silvernell of erstad ARCHITECTS (apparently they do a lot of chicken coups?) for the heads up!

NOTE - This page was updated on 02.04.09 to update link changes. Previously this post listed links to each credit individually, but I've decided to make it easy on myself and just send you to their site:

Go here now!

Thanks Keith for the heads up!


no meato burrito said...

THAT'S EXCELLENT!!!!!! Thanks so much for posting these, and for providing all the links! I've been craving just such a thing to use as a learning tool. It still amazes me that with all the public projects out there getting LEED certified, that none of them have made their LEED documentation available to the public. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


This stuff rules...and so does the University of California! Go Bears!

Oh, and your site rules too! I love it!

Hope all is well.

Your friend,

Pat with http://www.intheleed.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for much for sharing!!!!

This is so helpful for the LEED EB project I am doing now!!


Anonymous said...

Great info, but wanted to let you know that the links are being re-directed. But this saved me a lot of heartache, so thanks.

joelmckellar said...

ugh... thanks for the heads up though. I'll fix those after work tonight.

Anonymous said...

Our building's LEED Certification binder is online as well. We achieved LEED Platinum NCv2.2. Find it at www.buildgreennow.org and click on the button "LEED Platinum Certified: About our Building"

-Wes Sullens
StopWaste.Org (Alameda County, CA Joint Powers Authority)

joelmckellar said...

Thanks Wes!

Any full documentation set deserves a full post... so voila!