Energy Modeling Further Demystified

Building on the previous post on energy modeling, there is another introduction to the process posted over at BuildingGreen called "Understanding the Energy Modeling Process: Simulation Literacy 101". Great read for beginners such as myself.

I found out about the above article thanks to Suzanne O'Leary of ThinkDwell--a company that designs homes making the occupants absurdly and a bit creepily happy according to the picture on their homepage. Suzanne has started what is sure to become a very helpful forum on energy modeling issues called The site is brand new and will need to develop an audience (that's you!) before it really provides a good base of info, but RealLifeLEED supports any and all online communities that could make sustainable design simpler for everyone. Check it out now!

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LEEDatwork said...

We received final design review credits and are now in construction phase. Our engineer reran the energy model recently based on a different roofing insulation value, but this didn't change our credit points - just a slightly different % value.
Are we required to resubmit the energy credits again?