Job o' the Vague Time Period: Atkins Dubai

I've decided to start a new series of job postings for experienced LEED AP's. As you can see, I don't want to tie myself down to doing this every week or month, as I'm not sure how many of these will pop up...

Experienced LEED AP Required - Atkins Dubai

Atkins Dubai is a multinational engineering and design consultancy, providing expertise to help resolve complex challenges presented by the built and natural environment with sustainable solutions. Atkins recognizes the tremendous opportunity and responsibility, and is committed to the sustainable design awareness, proficiency, and innovation to create green icons. Atkins is one of the founding members of Emirates Green Building Council in Dubai, U.A.E with more than 20 LEED AP’s. Since its establishment, Atkins has worked towards integrating sustainability into their entire practice. Evidence of which includes many buildings such as the Bahrain World Trade Centre with the inclusion of wind turbines for the first time in high rise towers, Lighthouse Tower (aims for LEED Platinum) and many more – please visit for more details. Atkins has over 15 projects pursuing LEED certification and would like your expertise to join our dynamic team to built green icons. If you are a LEED AP with experience in more than five LEED certified projects, please contact Sejal Agashe at

Want to post a job offer? Real Life LEED can offer very reasonable rates(probably too reasonable if you get the good face discount) for access to a highly targeted audience of sustainable design and construction professionals!

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Anonymous said...

Are you still considering job postings for experienced LEED AP's? I have some firms that are very motivated to hire LEED APs right now. Please let me know.