Harvard Green Building Services is Hiring!

After a year and a half working at Harvard Green Building Services as the resident rookie, we have finally had some turnover and a full-time Senior Project Coordinator position has gone live today! I will certainly vouch that Harvard in general, and GBS specifically, is an amazing place to work, hence the fact that no one wanted to leave in almost two years...

Here's a brief description of the job:
The Harvard Green Building Services program provides sustainable building consulting services to the Harvard community, including existing facility owners, capital project teams, and other units. Consulting services encompass a range of offerings to ensure cost effective green buildings that provide improved indoor environments for occupants and reduce harmful effects on the natural environment. These services include owner’s sustainability representation, sustainability peer review, project management of the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC’s) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process, commissioning, energy auditing, ECM implementation support, green building knowledge management, and green building education and training. This position is responsible for supporting the GBS team as they facilitate green building design, construction and operations across campus. The position will assist GBS as they provide building commissioning, energy auditing, energy conservation measure project management, and green building consulting services and create and deliver green building educational materials. There will be a large learning component as the employee is exposed to a variety of different tasks and works to gain full proficiency and fluency in these tasks.
Click here for more details and information about how to apply! Please DO NOT forward resumes to me directly, as all resumes must go through Harvard's online system.  If you're having trouble opening that link (it's a little finicky with cookies), go to http://employment.harvard.edu and search for "Senior Project Coodinator."

Good luck!


L said...

Does this mean we'll get more updates? You've been gone so long!

Anonymous said...

It is exciting to see that universities are becoming more proactive with their sustainability efforts. In April, the Princeton Review published a new book that ranked the 322 greenest schools in the US. In addition, the USBGC has created the Center for Green Schools to promote sustainability on campuses and has recognized 7 universities that have expanded their sustainability plans to include green buildings and LEED compliant buildings. Harvard, in particular, has pledged to have all new buildings meet at least LEED silver criteria. Since these institutions are shaping the next generation, it is encouraging to see the green effort alive and well.