Ergonomics Innovation in Design (IDc1) Point

The other day I stumbled upon a wonderful database of ergonomic information from Cornell while looking into some workstation design issues. One of their resources is a description of the requirements to achieve an Innovation in Design (IDc1) credit (or Innovation in Operations credit (IOc1) for LEED-EB) for good ergonomic design.

Get the Doctor!

LEED AP Sez I Need a Backiotomy!

Included on the Cornell page are a worksheet and a survey based on supplementary guidance from the USGBC describing an approved method for achieving this point. Really though all that is required is "the development and implementation of “a comprehensive ergonomics strategy that will have a positive impact on human health and comfort when performing daily activity for at least 75% of Full Time Equivalent building users”. See the Cornell page for more guidance.


Anonymous said...

what does the pic have to do with your post?

joelmckellar said...

Well... in this particular scene of the movie, Mssr. Smoke-A-Lot was complaining of a continuous pain in his lower back (possibly requiring a complex procedure called a 'backiotomy' to cure), undoubtedly brought on by a poor ergonomic work environment that could have been solved ahead of time had the design team pursued this particular LEED credit.