LEED Commissioning Comparisons

When helping a client prepare packages for a grant they are pursuing, they needed to know how LEED-EB and LEED-CI differed with respect to commissioning (Cx) requirements. A quick search yielded a helpful, plain spoken article, with even more helpful comparison charts (1, 2, 3, 4), in a February edition of Heating, Piping, and Air Conditioning (HPAC) Engineering magazine. The charts show fundamental Cx requirements, enhanced Cx requirements, and scope by system, comparing all major LEEDv2 systems and even pulling requirements from the pilot versions of LEED-CI for Retail and LEED-Healthcare. I'm not aware of any major changes among Cx requirements for LEED 2009 editions of these systems, so everything should still largely apply.

Scope it up

A completely legible comparison of the scope of Cx for each system

I haven't had much opportunity to peruse their website in too much detail, but their Popular Articles section seems to be filled with practical info that I'm going to refer to in the future. Well done!


Unknown said...


I have a question and would like to seek experienced response. I am a professional architect (6-7 yrs experience), and want to take LEED NC 2.2 test without prior LEED project experience.

The test is scheduled in a week. I grasped all credits: intent, requirements, ID. Still need work on standards and credit-specific calculations and submittal. I also took a LEED seminar last year. I already took a break from work for this exam revision.

Would 7 days from now be enough?

Or should I cancel and re-register for LEED v3? Your prompt response is highly appreciated!

Many best,

Green Building said...

I would take this version. A co-worker of mine wrote the V3 version a couple weeks ago and he said they made it a couple steps harder.

7 days should be plenty of time to pass. It is a lot of memorizing. The new test has to do with more building science and experience.

Good luck and shoot me an email if you need more info. info@ebsconsultants.net

Laurent Kanago said...


wow, the information is laid out there quite well. I usually work with new construction and existing buildings. but it's nice to see what is necessary for the other LEED systems.