LEED-CS SSc4.3 Credit Template is Wrong!

The credit template for Sustainable Sites credit 4.3, Alternative Transportation, Low-Emitting and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles is messed up for option two.

Bad Template! No soup for you!

Note: 937 spaces would only require 47 preferred parking spaces, but we like priuses so much we decided to give them two more places to park...

It should be 5% of total on-site parking instead of the 3% listed. Note, you will need to input the correct number of parking spaces (in the second box... and the project) regardless of what the "Required" box says. Don't forget to always round up (i.e. 4.1 spaces = 5 spaces). Also, the similar LEED-NC template is correct. It is only the LEED-CS template that has the error. HUMBLE PIE ALERT!!! CORRECTION BELOW Alert reader Josh Greenfield pointed out some inconsistencies between my original post (above) and the truth. I'm sure this is the first time of many... please feel free to call me out on any post in the comments section!

Really it boils down the the template being even more wrong than I realized. The "Option 2" that I referenced is really Option 1 in the LEED-CS reference guide. Option 1 on the credit template references a compliance path that doesn't even exist for LEED-CS! In the LEED-CS reference guide:

  • Option 1 - preferred parking for 5% of parking spots based on parking capacity
  • Option 2 - alternative fueling stations for 3% of parking spots based on parking capacity

The credit template says:

  • Option 1 - I'm guessing they just copied from the NC version, requiring fuel efficient vehicles based on 3% FTE. This isn't even an option for CS!
  • Option 2 - preferred parking for 3% of total parking on the site.

I've only submitted for preferred parking, but the review comments I received indicate that the refernce guide requirements, not the credit template requirements, are what need to be followed. I'm guessing if you want to submit for the real Option 2 (alternative fueling stations) you would need to either fill everything into the alternative compliance section or steal the LEED-NC credit template from another project and save it to the supporting documentation section? Leave a comment if you've encountered this before...

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CK said...

How do you actually get your parking count? Do you include Handicap parking stalls (which already have the premium spaces)? Our parking garage also includes a section for valet parking - would those also be included in the parking count? I'm being told these two should be included but I disagree. Suggestions?